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How Compression Socks can Change Your Life

You may be asking yourself: What exactly ARE Compression Socks?

As the name suggests, compression socks are comfortably tight socks that promote blood-flow from your legs to your heart.

Benefits to increasing blood-flow include: Faster muscle recovery, increased energy, and reduced pain and swelling in the legs.

With all this in mind, it's important to note that compression socks can benefit adults of all ages, and lifestyles. Athletes most commonly use them in order to reduce soreness in the muscles. Flight attendants/travelers wear them often, in order to prevent soreness caused by lack of rest/standing for long hours.

It is imperative that the Compression Socks fit properly, or it may lead to discomfort, and a lack of benefits. We encourage you to book a fitting here at The Steveston Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, or to follow our self-measurement guide to figure out what size and type would be best for you.

Our Compression Socks come in many lengths and colours, so that you can get through the day with energy AND style.

Give us a call at (778) 297-5777 or send us an email at if you have any questions!


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