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You have a family doctor, financial advisor, personal trainer, why not a personal pharmacist?
See our pharmacists for minor ailment diagnosis and prescribing.

our owner Steven Chang and his team will help you optimize your prescriptions and answer your health needs

Why do we do it?

In a world where everything is simplified as numbers, real humans shouldn’t be. Steveston Medicine Shoppe empowers you with common sense knowledge with a personal touch.

Steveston Medicine Shoppe's team helps you with blister packs, refill reminders, and routine vaccines, COVID boosters

How are we better?

Prescriptions need to be handled by pharmacists, and you need pharmacists who know you. Steveston Medicine Shoppe takes the stress and worries out of prescriptions, with services such as:

- Free refill reminder

- Free blister packaging service

- Free prescription consultation with our pharmacists

- Up to date with your vaccines

- Daily prescription witness service

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