Compression stockings are a great non-medicinal way to prevent and treat tired legs, swellings, leg ulcer, lymphedema, spider veins, varicose veins, and other types of inflammatory vein diseases.


They are also great for people with jobs that require standing or sitting for a long period of time, such as chefs, teachers, nurses, office workers, flight attendants…etc. for relief of pressure and tiredness on their legs.


Our main line Medi is the No. 1 German Compression Therapy supply company which produces high quality enduring compression stockings. All Medi stockings are knitted with Climatherm® breathable fibre that wicks moisture away and are treated with Climafresh® Anti-bacterial treatment at the toes.


Medi carries a variety of pressure, styles, and color selections tailored for your preference


We provide free fitting, on going support, and workshops for our clients

Medi Compression Stockings/Socks

To learn more about how compression stockings can help you today with:

  • Tired Legs

  • Swellings

  • Leg Ulcers

  • Spider Veins

  • Varicose Veins

  • Inflammatory vein diseases

  • Flying