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​Commit for 8, Reap the Great

We know how you feel- the fear of regaining, the previous failure, tempting food...

Ideal Protein 8 week challenge helps you believe in yourself again!

Playing Soccer

No Matter what you want to do with your life, it starts with a healthy weight.

Listen- you don't have to be chained down by high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and low self esteem. Your weight loss journey can reverse these health consequences. Say goodbye to that overwhelming feeling - because you're about to take control of your weight.

In the first 2 weeks of with Ideal Protein, you can expect to:

lose ~5 lbs 

notice your clothes fit better

transform your food literacy

Ideal Protein Clinic Richmond BC Steveston Medicine Shoppe

How to Get Started with Ideal Protein 8 Week Challenge

Schedule for a free introduction

Set your goal and time line

Start fat burn and transform

What Our Clients Say

Ideal Protein testimony Messalina

Messalina L

Steveston Medicine Shoppe helped me exceed my weight loss goals. I've learned so much with Steven with the weekly food education! 

What's Included?

Proven Science

Ideal Protein Food Steveston Medicine Shoppe
Ideal Protein Ideal Smart App Iphone Android
Ideal Protein Ideal Smart App

Personalized Coaching

Ideal Protein certified coaching


Ideal Protein 8 Week Challenge by Steveston Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

We utilize everything Ideal Protein has to offer.

Track every progress with your smart devices.

Our pharmacists are Ideal Protein Certified coaches who specialize in weight management and medicine related weight gain. 

Ideal Protein is cost effective. Ideal Protein 8 Week challenge help you focus all your energy for the results you desire.

Ideal Protein 8 Week Challenge

Is what you're eating controlling you? Are you paying the price with your confidence, your energy, your health?

You can regain control, confidence, energy and restore health, and we're ready to help.

Ideal Protein 8 Week Challenge is designed to give you a proven, sustainable, and personable weight loss method. 

Ideal Protein Products

See selections of Ideal Protein Products

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