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Compounding for Health Care Professionals

A minute of your time. A major difference in your patients' lives.

our compounding lab compounds capsules, creams, ointments, liquids, lozenges,
What Compounding can we do?
  • Unavailable Doses - dose tapering

  • Unavailable Dosage forms - special populations, minimize side effects, increase absorptions

  • Unavailable Combinations

  • Manufacture Shortages 

Our pharmacists are trained in compounding, formulation, and dose calculations and conversions for physicians
Who are we?

Steveston Medicine Shoppe started its specialty compounding in 2011 to service patients with specific compounding needs.

Over the years, our team has developed professional relationships with prescribers and professionals with compounding formulation and calculations.

patients do not know compound prescriptions can not by done by normal pharmacies

Most patients don't know compounding Rxs can not be done by normal pharmacies.

we contact patients and compound prescriptions according to physician's orders and patients needs

Start the Treatment you prescribed ASAP. Our team members will contact the patients, collect all needed info and preare their compounds. Patients can start their therapies more timely.

Steveston Medicine Shoppe can compound specialized prescriptions for physicians and specialists

Optimize Treatment. Save valuable time.

Inform patients that Steveston Medicine Shoppe Compounding Pharmacy can properly compound the prescriptions you prescribed. 

Contact Us

call us at 778-297-5777
fax prescriptions to 778-297-5778
email prescriptions to



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