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FAQs On Compression Socks

I have trouble putting my compression socks on, what should I do?

If you have never put on a pair of compression socks before, it is normal to find them hard to put on. Compression socks are not like normal socks because they are made of materials that create compression to improve your circulation. You can try the following technique to ease the process (images from

1. Reach into the sock with your hand and grab the heel of the sock

2. Turn the calf part of the sock inside out to form a cup for your foot

3. Insert your foot into the sock cup, ideally with donning gloves, slide the sock over your heel

4. Move the sock up toward your knee and smooth out the sock over your leg

Tip! Put on your compression socks first thing in the morning before any swelling starts to happen

I tried the techniques to put compression socks on and I'm still having trouble, do I have other options? Yes, devices such as a Butler can act like an extension for your hands to help you reach your feet and help getting the socks into your feet and up your leg.

Is there a proper way to take off my compression socks?

Putting compression socks on and off may both be difficult. The tip is to avoid wrinkling the socks together.

Is it normal to have dry skin or flaky skin from wearing compression socks?

Yes, it is normal for some patients to experience dry or flaky skin while wearing compression socks. Oftentimes, dry skin is already a pre-existing condition in patients experiencing it while wearing compression socks. Applying lotion before and after wearing compression socks can temporarily improve mild dry skin symptoms.

If dry skin worsens and persists, consult with our pharmacists and your doctor to rule out underlying issues.

My compression socks fall down sometimes, what should I do?

You may experience compression socks sliding down in every type of compression socks except panty hose. First, having the right fitting is the most important.

There are a few things you can do to:

  1. Moisturize your leg with lotion before putting on compression socks

  2. Apply adhesive glue for compression socks on the top band

  3. Order compression socks with silicone top band

Can I wash my Medi compression socks in the washing machine?

Yes. To take best care of your compression socks, wash after each use.

You may wash the stockings by hand or on a gentle wash cycle (30-40’c).

Do not use fabric softeners and optical brighteners.

Can I put my Medi compression socks in the dryer?

Yes. Medi compression stockings are suitable for tumble-drying. Please use only a gentle cycle or low setting. You can also let your stockings air-dry. Do not leave your stockings in the sun to dry, and under no circumstances on a radiator or heater.

Additional Tips: Rubber gloves are helpful not only when putting on the stockings: they also protect the material and prevent you from getting caught by your fingernails or a ring. If you put on your compression stockings without gloves, you should remove your jewelry from your hands and wrists. Do not pull your socks with your fingernails. Be careful when opening and closing shoes with zip or Velcro fasteners.

For optimum therapy support: Wear the stockings daily and replace after six months.


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