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The Must Knows about Compounding

Compounding is an essential service that allows people to get the medicine that they need, despite them not being available over the counter. Without compounding, special population wouldn't be able to receive the care they need.

Compounding technicians could be considered modern day heroes, as they help a wide range of people. Compounds can be made for all ages, including babies, teens, adults and the elderly. They also help compound medication for pets such as dogs, cats, and even hamsters!

The possibilities are endless. Similar to a chef, a compounding technician must simply make the compound by following the instructions. Sort of like how a chef might follow the steps while baking a cake, except the cake must be made in the perfect way according to the person's request.

You may have received a prescription that requires compounding from your family doctor, specialist like endocrinologist, pediatrician, dermatologist, gynecologist, naturopath, dentist, and even vets. Regular pharmacies will not be able to fulfill your compound prescriptions, or have to outsource and have a long turn around time.

Steveston Medicine Shoppe has served patients and clinics for their compounding needs in the Richmond BC area for the last 10 years. Our compounding pharmacists go through rigorous communication with your doctors, formulation researches, and we gather enough info from your and your doctor to compound a prescription customized to your treatment plan.

If you're new to compounding, you can learn more about what compounding is here.


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