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Is Exercising Helping You Lose Weight?


"I've been having the same diet and started exercising for the last while, why didn't I lose any weight?" Many people who want to slim down have the same concerning thought. This can be extremely discouraging for those who desire to have a better physique for confidence or health.

Weight management is a complicated progress. It takes more than just eating less and exercise.

According to "Prevention" magazine, the following is the most commonly occurred weight loss myths:

1. Exercise to "burn" the fat off

Many believe that exercise is the best way to lose weight. Exercise doesn't really "burn fat". Correct exercises help the body gain muscle and increase our basal metabolic rate. If you're looking to lose weight and see results short term, proper exercises with diet modification and lifestyle changes is the best.

2. Exercise and Diet to melt fat

We have to take into account sleep quality and emotional state of a person also affect weight. Lack of quality sleep and stress are friends of weight gain. Long term stress also cause the release of hormones that increase energy storage and slows metabolism.

Studies show, refined sugar can be one of the top reasons people become obese. People who are exposed to environmental stimulation of snacks are on average 20lbs heavier than those who are not.

3. Quitting snacks to lose weight

This is the reason most people don't want to start weight management in the first place. They feel that they're losing out on the pleasure in life. While replacing empty calories with healthy snacks is a great start, having desserts, cakes once in a while is ok.

In fact, we encourage having an indulgence day once a week to satisfy the cravings, however, going back to healthy lifestyle for the rest of the week is essential.

4. Healthy fat like olive oil and avocado is great for health, I can have a bit more..

Our perception to fat has changed in the last few years. We know that "healthy" oils are great for health even weight management.

However, healthy fats are still high in calories. Moderate consumption should be considered. Remember, excess calories get turned into fat.

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