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Natural Treatments for Seasonal Allergy

Most drug treatments for seasonal allergy involves antihistamines and corticosteroids. Both categories of drugs have potential interactions with other medications and the side effects can be significant. (also see: which allergy medication should I take?)

Natural alternative can also be considered for individuals who also take other prescription medications and the side effects of drug treatments affects normal daily functions.

1. Pollens

As a part of allergen immunotherapy which involves giving small doses of allergens so the immune system becomes accustomed to them. Pollens can be administered in small amounts to desensitize our immune system. The amount of pollens can then be increased as tolerated. Medical supervision is recommended.

2. Quecertin

A plant pigment fount in berries, tomatos, leafy greens and fruits. It produces anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.

Some of the best food so

urce for quecertin can come from consuming red wine, blue berries, green tea.

Quecertin can help the body stabilize histamine release and potential help season allergy symptoms.

They are also available in supplements for concentrated dosages. 500mg daily has been recommended as a supplement (1)

3. Probiotics

Our immune system was first initiated by contact with bacteria when we were infants. As these friendly bacteria grow in our body, they help our immunity become stronger.

Probiotics consists of friendly bacteria for our body (also see What are Probiotics?) that helps us with many of our daily functions.

Some studies have found probiotics helpful for improving seasonal allergy symptoms. (2)

Probiotics are concentrated forms of friendly bacteria and have many types. (also see: Things you need to know before you choose a probiotic) They are definitely more effective than having yogurt if you're looking for therapeutic results.

4. Alkaline Water

More conclusive studies have yet to be published regarding using alkaline water for treating seasonal allergy. However, many can benefit from the minerals and filtration ability alkaline filters can produce.

It's certainly not harmful and worth a try.

5. Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies uses similar principle as immunotherapy by using allergens in trace amounts to induce tolerance.

Children and elderly may benefit from using homeopathic remedies since both groups are more prone to side effects of drug treatments and drug interactions.

Sabalia (RhinAllergy) and Sinusalia are examples.


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