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The Hidden Issue: Obesity & Varicose Veins

Is obesity linked to varicose veins? Lets talk about the hidden problem.

Most of us are now familiar with what varicose veins are and how they look. We are also know there are many contributing factors including family history, female gender, older age, injury to veins, and pregnancy.

We are also well aware that being overweight can lead to various health problems. What is not as well known is that obesity can also “hide” certain health conditions such as varicose veins. Doctors are starting to realize some overweight patients do not know that they have vein problems because the excess fat can hide the swollen veins, making it less visible. It can lead to symptoms like discomfort and heaviness in the legs. Yet, people often attribute this to the weight problem, rather than the possibility of having varicose veins.

Why does obesity contribute to various veins?

Obesity puts excess pressure on the veins of the legs contributing to varicose veins and aggravating the symptoms of those who already have the condition. Other factors linked to obesity, such as high blood pressure and lack of exercise, are also risk factors for developing vein problems. If not addressed promptly, constant high pressure to the legs can cause damages to the skin leading to ulcers eventually.

Steps to take:

  1. Wear compression stockings

  2. Stay active to encourage blood flow in the leg muscles

  3. Elevate legs about 6 inches above level of your heart to get temporary relief

By being aware of the link between obesity and varicose veins, this hidden problem cannot hide anymore!

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