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Compression Stockings Cut Off Circulation?

Most people have heard of compression stockings, and know it can help if they have vein problems, such as varicose veins, in the legs. However, an interesting question I got asked by a customer was do compression stockings cut off the blood circulation from being so tight? This is actually a misconception that may deter people from getting the help they need.

Although compression stockings can feel tighter than normal socks, they are specifically designed this way to carry out their therapeutic effects. They can improve blood circulation, prevent blood clot formation, and reduce swelling.

How does it work? Here is the concept behind compression therapy:

Compression stockings feel tight when putting them on because they are designed to apply pressure to the tissues. It prevents fluid from leaking into the tiny surrounding blood vessels (known as capillaries) to reduce swelling. That is why we recommend wearing compression stockings upon awakening when your legs are least swollen.

Another way compression stockings work is by applying gradient pressure to the legs at appropriate areas to prevent vein valves from opening and overflowing. This will help blood flow back to the heart, maintaining good blood circulation, and prevent any clots from forming.

Tips and Suggestions for compression stockings:

1. Getting the proper fit by taking leg measurements in the morning

2. Use rubber gloves to have better grip of the socks when putting them on

3. Distribute the pressure evenly to have the correct pressure at the correct area

4. Get properly fitted from a trained and experienced professional! This is so important to make sure you get the right compression without the stockings cutting off your circulation

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