Helps in weight management.


Our Acti Minceur Plus formula will allow you to lose weight. Composed of three plant extracts, our complete formula will help you promote elimination and achieve your weight loss goal. Thanks to its moderate thermogenic action, Acti Minceur Plus can help burn excess calories and refine the figure, as part of a program that recommends reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity. You stay in shape thanks to the complete formula of these three antioxidants: Garcinia which will give you a satiety effect, green tea which will burn fat and green coffee which will avoid transforming sugar into bad fat.



  • Available in a drinkable ampoule for rapid absorption and effective action.
  • Exclusive formula, of superior quality.


  • An exclusive formula with green tea, garcinia, green coffee and raspberry ketone for weight management


  • Adult (Oral): 2 ampoules, once a day, mixed in half a glass of water or fruit juice

NATURISTE - Acti Slim Plus