Steveston Medicine Shoppe is proud to have an authorized Ideal Protein Weight Management Clinic.


We utilize this proven medically developed Protocol that starts with RESETTING your body to burn fat and ends with long term maintenance support, and developed "IP for Men".

Meet Your Coach!

This is Jame, she is part of the team!


Experienced in Food and Nutrition, Jamie is passionate about healthy living and eating. In her spare timeYou can find Jamie leading her dodgeball team to victory on the court.


Senior Man coumpounding needs

Gradual  Entry 

Change can be hard, but necessary for success!

Coach Jamie takes you through GRADUALLY to seamlessly fit into your routine

Adult prescriptions and compounding

Full Throttle Fat Burn

We'll teach your body to use your stored fat as energy 


Lower Body Fat %

 & More Energy

Prescriptions for Seniors, Richmond, BC

Rebound Prevention

You're only successful when you keep it off.

Coach Jamie will show you the keys for rebound prevetion

Information on our weight loss program

"this program allowed me to enjoy drinks I like while on designated cheat days."



 "Most programs I've been through were so restrictive and strict. As a guy, I like my beer, and this program allowed me to enjoy drinks I like while on designated cheat days. P.S. Its nice to see my toes again"

"I started with Jamie 3 months ago and have effectively lost 33 Ibs! I've never been more fit in my life. Last week I hiked Dog Mountain with my family with ease. Jamie introduced many low impact exercises. I definitely recommend Jamie, very knowledgeable and a true straight shooter."

"I have been with the program for about 5 months, and was able to successfully lose 38 lbs and 31 inches! I started to improve my health, and to look slimmer. I found the program easy to follow; the foods are very tasty and simple to cook"

"Jamie made my weight loss journey easy with her friendly and understanding manner!


100% would do it again!"

Stephen o.



Henry K.


Kulwinder a.



Martina W.