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for weight loss & chronic diseases program

Why do you have a nutrition and pharmacy team working together?

Diet has such a huge role in our lifestyle that sometimes, food really is medicine in achieving optimal health. Our pharmacists will analyze your prescription regimen and spot any potential nutritional depletion. While our nutritionist will guide you through the scientific proven Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. Medication optimization with balanced nutrition plan will help you loss weight and achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Is it possible to taper off medication completely?

Yes! Your nutrition habits will be changed to mitigate your health issues while the pharmacy team can provide you with different options while designing a catered program for you to taper off your medication.

Is it possible to book the pharmacist to figure out medication issues?

Of course! Our pharmacists will do medication reviews and will work with you to lower dosages of prescriptions to get you on track to a healthier lifestyle. Our pharmacists will also work with your physicians to achieve proper dosages for your medications as you start to achieve weight loss.

What does a medication review and plan have?

We contact your doctor and formulate a plan to lower the dosage of medications. The reason why we do this is to ensure there are no food-drug interactions that can deplete you of vital nutrients.

“I’d like to walk her down the aisle one day” - Chad Lucas IP dieter

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