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The last time I saw my six pack was in the fridge. With age and all that comes with it, for many of us our six packs move from one place to another. Weight loss programs aren’t very attractive because of the heavy restrictions, harsh time commitments, and rigorous exercise regimes that are flat out not enjoyable. Time after time, some of us may endure these programs only for all our gains to slip like a bar of soap. We persevere and pick it up again only for it to slip away again and again. It’s a common sentiment that our favourite beverage beer is responsible for weight gain, but what if I told you that you can still enjoy your favourite can of sudds while shedding off the pounds. 



We’ve introduced a new program, tailored to you. No dramatic changes, no heavy restrictions, no hardcore exercise regiments, no set schedules, just straight up weight loss. Backed by our two past weight management programs: Ideal Protein and Keto Diet, we decided to merge the two and develop a program that benefits from both and allows you to DRINK BEER!


Meet Your Coach!



Experienced in Food and Nutrition, Jamie is passionate about healthy living and eating. You can find Jamie leading her dodgeball team to victory on the court.

The program is designed to run you through your initial start to maintaining stable weight loss to stabilizing your weight for years to come. It is customized with real-life scenarios to psychologically and emotionally to prepare dieters throughout the entire dieting process. This way it helps build healthy eating habits and keeps dieters from temptations.

The dieter begins into ketosis through gradual entry. For example, the first couple of weeks we will give guidelines on what needs to be cut. From there, the transition to ketosis is easier and without many of the side effects people experience heading into a keto diet such as mental fog and lethargy. This is where we heavily emphasize the importance of nutrition education to prepare our dieters for the diet and for life beyond dieting. After the two weeks, a biweekly cheat day will be implemented to help reset the metabolism and insulin regulation.  


The second phase is until you reach your goal weight. This is designed for you to reach success and maintain it with little obstacles. The lifestyle coaching and the accountability here are designed to help you crush your goals. As the weight sheds off, the health issues surrounding extra weight will melt away as well. You will notice that your metabolism has improved, confidence and energy are better than before with enhanced improvements in physical fitness and sexual stamina! 


The second hardest part of a diet is maintaining it. We incorporate rebound prevention techniques to help our dieters avoid the struggles of an energy gap. Think of an energy gap as muscle memory. Our bodies from before were at a higher calorie intake and our brains are primed for that high energy intake. Although we are in a slimmer body, our brain is still programmed from before to consume a lot of calories to get back to our old weight. Due to this, your body will gain the weight back in no time if you are not following the procedures properly!

Phase 1: Gradual Entry

Phase 2: Full Throttle Weight Loss

Phase 3: Maintenance & Rebound Prevention

FREE Online and In-Person Consultation

[60 minutes]


Personalized health profile

Understanding the ketogenic concept

Customized weight loss plan

FREE body composition analysis


"I have been with the Ideal Protein program for about 5 months, and was able to successfully lose 38 lbs and 31 inches! My main reasons for starting the program were to improve my health, and to look slimmer. I found the Ideal Protein program easy to follow; the food products are very tasty and simple to cook"

- Kulwinder A, 52

"I noticed a difference the first day I started. My cousin had warned me that the first 2 weeks would be a challenge while I got use to my new eating habits. I actually found the opposite. I loved the program. I am happy to report that I lost more than 50 lbs in 7 months and kept it off for a year."

- Jeanna G, 41

"Jamie made my weight loss diet easy with your friendly and understanding manner! 100% would do it again"

- Martina W

"I started with Jamie three months ago and have effectively lost 33 Ibs! While still going strong, I've never been more fit in my life. Last week I hiked Dog Mountain with my family with ease, before It was a struggle at best. Jamie introduced many low impact exercises that helped out a alot. I definitely recommend Jamie as she's very knowledgeable and a true straight shooter."

- Henry K. 50

"I've completed the new Warrior weight loss protocol and I must say, most programs I've been through were so restrictive and strict. As a guy, I like my beer, and this program allowed me to enjoy many of the drinks I like while on designated cheat days. P.S. Its nice to see my toes again"

- Stephen O, 44

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