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Meetup Event
Losing Weight Can be Fun & Rewarding

Start 2021 fresh,

Leave the bad & the fat from 2020 behind

Join the Fun

Families, Friends, Schools or Companies with 2 or more participants can join the contest

"exercise or diet modifications in one individual may spread to proximate others, creating a social environment characterized by mutual reinforcement of healthy behavior."

Perry B, Ciciurkaite G, Brady CF, Garcia J. Partner Influence in Diet and Exercise Behaviors: Testing Behavior Modeling, Social Control, and Normative Body Size. Published online 2016 Dec 29


1. $ 150 coaching fee waived

2. 5% off all food and supplements (for 2 -4 participants)

3. 10% off all food and supplements (>5 participants)

Total Saving >$250!

Winning Prizes

Santevia Alkaline Water Counter Top System

Ideal Protein Snack Pack

3 Months RxMass Coaching Fee

Metagenics Clear Change Detox Kit

20 Speed Percussion Massage Guns

& more!

Stay Tuned For more details!
  • Guaranteed weight loss system powered by Ideal Protein

  • Food Education and Coaching included 

  • Virtual coaching available

  • Pharmacists facilitated

  • Medication Review available

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