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Look 5 Years Younger in 8 Weeks

Take Control of your weight.

We have the know how and together we'll crush the goals


Proven Science. No Intimidating Exercises. 

Ideal Protein Medically Supervised Program has proven its results in weight loss, blood sugar, blood pressure and insulin resistance. 

Always know where you stand. Always know where you’re heading. At a glance, you’ll see where you are with your goals—and know the next right move for your health goal.



29.6 lb lost
4.7% body fat lost



Experience. Knowledge. Accountability.

Frustrated with DIY and getting minimum results? 

Over the years, our fully trained pharmacist, nutritionist team has been helping customers feel and look better.

 Count on us to provide you with the guidance, food literacy, and keep your eyes on your goals.

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You Can Be Successful too

Our customers have discovered how to take control of their health and get rid of their unhealthy eating habits for good with us. You’ll always know the next right step for your diet with a plan and tools to change your life and boost your confidence.

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Why Take on the 8 Week Challenge with us?

Back by the Ideal Protein weight loss science and the Ideal Smart App, you will be able to lose weight and track your process every step.

We guide you on a low carb, low fat, and adequate protein diet where your body burns fat and maintains muscle.

Our comprehensive process takes you through weight loss, fat reduction. 

Our Specialty

There are various factors affecting the outcomes of your weight loss results.

Our pharmacists work along side with our nutritionist to spot hidden issues from medication side effects and interactions, nutritional depletion, hormonal imbalance, and need for detox.

Therefore, you can focus on reaching your goal.

Who should take the challenge?

Anyone who is tired of lack of results or want to do better with health!

It has the content, tools and resources you need to reach your health and weight goals faster.

Talk to us if want to feel and look better or you’re trying to reduce chronic meds.


Kulwinder. A. , Surrey

 "I've been doing DIY weight loss and have been so frustrated with the results. Jamie's team guided me and educated me how healthy eating for long term is possible. I can enjoy the food I like while on designated treat days. P.S. Its nice to see my toes again”

Look 5 Years Younger in 8 Weeks


Stop living a life controlled by weight issues and frustration, empower yourself, and secure your future with great health. 

Now it’s your turn.

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Another Solution other than prescriptions

Obesity is one of the most common risk factors for chronic illnesses. And we can help you achieve your ideal healthy weight!

Our nutritionist and pharmacist team will combine their expertise and walk you through the journey to end the life controlled by chronic diseases and prescriptions.

What If I only have a few pounds to lose?

Absolutely! Whether you're planning to lose 5-10 lbs or 50-100 lbs, you need to do it the right way with the proper guidance. With us, you'll learn all about how your body works, and how to handle real food. Losing weight is only the beginning of your health journey