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Help you lose that last 10 pounds!

It's frustrating! You may have tried to be active, live a healthy lifestyle, eat the right things, but no matter what you did, you can't seem to lose that last 10 pounds..

Over the years, you may notice your weight slowly creep up. The look in the mirror getting less defined, the face getting rounder. Weight gain is a natural process, since our basal metabolic rate reduces with age.


Our unique process is engineered to help us understand you and to help you understand your body, leading to better results than you have ever experienced before. Because different foods affect everyone in different ways, and often we’re distracted by the taste and attractive appearance of processed food and moved away from the natural you need to figure out what the metabolic consequences are for everything that you include in your diet. There is no way around this knowledge if you want to see extraordinary life changing results and then maintain those results in the long term.


Our advisors will provide you with their analyses, based on science, and come up with a custom health profile for you. From there, we will support you through this journey with the tools and guidance needed. Our support does not end there. At the completion of your journey, We have referral programs with fitness coaches and provide you with updates regularly on any information that you need.


See the most beautiful you! Greater results are possible with greater knowledge.

FREE Consultation

[60 minutes]


- personalized health profile

- understanding the ketogenic concept

- customized Ideal Protein weight loss plan

- FREE body composition analysis

What's Included: Free Initial Consultation: For us to know more about how we can help you and for you to ask all your questions. Learn how Ideal Protein can help you sta...
8 Week Challenge Orientation
30 min


I noticed a difference the first day I started. My cousin had warned me that the first 2 weeks would be a challenge while I got use to my new eating habits. I actually found the opposite. I loved the program. I am happy to report that I lost more than 50 lbs in 7 months and kept it off for a year. I loved that the program was very structured. I also loved my consultant Tiffany from the Steveston Medicine Shoppe. We would celebrate together every week as I got on the scale. I truly believe she was just as happy as I was when she would see my progress from week to week. She was there to motivate me when I did not have a super week and was always there to answer questions I had. I felt like we were on this journey together. I am always recommending the Steveston Medicine Shoppe to people who are interested in getting their eating under control. I truly think it was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.

Jeanna G. 41 years old, 53 lbs, 38.5 inches

I have been with the Ideal Protein program for about 5 months, and was able to successfully lose 38 lbs and 31 inches! My main reasons for starting the program were to improve my health, and to look slimmer. I found the Ideal Protein program easy to follow; the food products are very tasty and simple to cook. I enjoyed coming every week to the Steveston Lifestyle Clinic for my regular weigh-ins because the staff memeberes there are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend starting the program with Steveston Lifestyle Clinic.

Kulwinder A. 52 years old, 38 lbs, 31 inches

I started the Ideal Protein program because one of my relatives recommended it to me to help with my weight loss. Throughout this journey, I learned about the scientific knowledge behind the program, and found it very interesting to do as well. I also really enjoyed watching the MyIdealProtein portal videos, which gave me helpful tips and kept me on track too. I am so excited that I finally look great in my clothes again, and feel more energized during the day. The Steveston Lifestyle Clinic was convenient for me, has a wide selection of the food products, and the friendly coaches were also very knowledgeable. It is a great place to the start of a better you!

Carol O. 51 years old, 33 lbs, 25 inches

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