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"For Every 1 pound you lose, you relief 5 pounds of pressure from your knee joints"

Chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and osteoarthritis, if left untreated can diminish quality of life, increase disability and even lead to death.

While prescriptions are necessary to slow the worsening of the disease states and symptoms, they do not address the root of the problems. In addition, unwanted side effects may also trigger the downward spiral of more prescription usage.


Obesity is one of the most common risk factors for chronic illnesses. And we can help you achieve ideal your healthy weight!

Our nutritionist and pharmacist team will combine their expertise and walk you through the journey to end the life controlled by chronic diseases and prescriptions.

“Obesity is a fast-growing problem that is associated with an increased risk of premature death”

Nutritionist + Pharmacist

Our Nutritionist+Pharmacist team will help you maintain accountability and monitor medication therapy to improve overall health.

Proven Science

Ideal Protein Medically Supervised Ketogenic program has proven its results in weight loss, also effective in improving blood sugar, blood pressure and addressing insulin resistance. 

Real Food

Real food will lead to permanent, real results for weight loss. Our nutrition education program will help you carry on your results even after the diet.

Real Life Simulation

We have designated days where dieters can learn how to eat in moderation of their favourite foods. By doing so, we can stimulate metabolism and control urges that may get out of hand.

No Intimidating Exercises

Our patients may have never exercised regularly before. Our bare basic training helps you take  advantage of the numerous health benefits associated with exercise.

Proper Phase Off

We want you to keep your results. Proper Phase off is key to prevent rebound weight gain. Our program teaches your body to preserve your metabolic rate and how to handle the North American Diet again.

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