The Santevia POWER Pair is the premium choice in clean, healthy water on the go!


Our POWER Pair Glass brings you together two of Santevia's newest, hottest products - the glass water bottle and the POWER Stick. 


Santevia is launching our glass water bottle by popular demand. Our new glass bottle: 
- is 100% BPA free
- is odourless and tasteless
- is Lead and hormone free
- has a new and improved spill-proof cap with pop top lid, see product image above
- is dishwasher safe
- is durable due to a removable, coloured silicon sleeve

Colour Options: Blue and Green
Capacity: 17oz / 500mL
Diameter:2.75" (7 cm)
Height: 10" (25 cm)

With odourless, tasteless, and BPA-free materials, our bottle is a healthy choice to complement our water. The spill-proof cap and straw are included with an active lifestyle in mind. The size of the bottle is perfect for the gym, a yoga class, or a day at the office!

Using Santevia's glass bottle can save you the cost and spare the world the environmental impact of several hundred plastic water bottles a year. It is also a natural pairing for our newest filtration product, the POWER Stick.

The Santevia POWER Stick:
- improves taste
- reduces chlorine
- adds essential minerals
- raises pH
- reduces Oxidative Reduction Potential  

Filtration Life: 3 months or 180L (48 gal)

Power Pair