• Compact Design: for easy maneuver 
  • Light Weight: bring anywhere with you: Work, Home, Gym, Sports, Hiking, Biking, driving, and Travel.
  • Powerful: 4 speed adjustment for comfortable relaxation or deep tissue massage. Equally powerful when you apply pressure to the muscles.
  • Quiet: Use with comfort and no noise distraction.
  • USB charger: Cordless design and charge anywhere you go.


Perfect for: 

  • muscle tension from sitting, standing and driving
  • destress and increase productivity 
  • muscle tightness and stiffness
  • work out recovery
  • joint pain from muscle tightness
  • lower back, shoulder, neck and along the spine


Poplular with:

  • older adults
  • females
  • office workers
  • drivers
  • amateur athletes



Weight: 790g

Size: 137*90*46mm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Power: 15w

Battery: 2200mAh

Frequency: 1800-3200 rpm

Gear: 4

Replaceable Heads: 4


Warrenty: 1 year

Forseti Compact Pocket Massage Gun

C$199.99 Regular Price
C$169.99Sale Price