This bundle is recommended for those wanting to slim down while maintaining lean mass. It contains fewer calories to help clients who are conscious about calorie counting.




  • Ideal Protein Cappucino Protein Drink 卡布奇诺蛋白质补充饮料
  • Ideal Protein Flavoured Chips* 薯片
  • Ideal Protein Branched Chain Amino Acids 支鏈胺基酸(肌肉塑身)


*Customizable 有不同选择


Nutritional Sumary:

Calories 卡路里 (Total): 270

Protein 蛋白质 (Total): 35g

Fats 脂肪 (Total): 8g

Saturated Fats 饱和脂肪 (Total):  2.4g

Calcium 钙质 (Total): 60% daily value


Contains Soy and Milk 含豆和乳

Ideal Protein Fat Burn Bundle 瘦身燃脂组合