Each Great Bear Rainforest™ Essential Oil beautifully infuses home, work and contemplative spaces with the fresh, invigorating fragrances of this carefully protected area of Canada.

Beyond being an important, healing aromatherapy product, Great Bear Rainforest™ Essential Oils are a powerful labour of love, conservation, care and community, and your purchase will have a positive impact on the people who call this region home.


Sitka Spruce:

Sitka Spruce 20% dilution in a base of jojoba oil.

Calm mental congestion and clear breathing passages with the sharp, rich and slightly fruity fragrance of Sitka Spruce.


Douglas Fir:

Clear rooms and foggy brains with the renewing power of Douglas Fir. A few drops of this oil’s distinct piney essence refreshes rooms of stale air, and can be applied diluted to the skin for a clean, woodsy fragrance.


Shore Pine:

Calm, lift and refresh fatigued spirits with the bright, citrus vapors of these similar, versatile trees.


Western Hemlock:

Pungent aromas of pine, wood and a hint of pepper infuse the breathtaking fragrance of Western Hemlock oil, instantly transporting you into the heart of a sunlight-drenched coastal forest glen.


Essential Oil Blend:

We've combined four of our oils (Pine, Fir, Sitka Spruce & Hemlock) with the complimentary oils of Cedarwood and Lemon to bring you our unique Rainforest Blend. This blend is in a base of jojoba oil which allows you to dab sparingly on your skin or use in your favourite diffuser

Great Bear Essential Oils

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