We offer Ameda Elite hospital grade breast pump rentals.


Breast milk contains nutrients that are essential in early stages of infant development. Breast milk also help new born babies with their not yet developed immune system, digestive system and nervous system.


Mothers can also benefit from breastfeeding with reduced risks of diabetes, heart diseases, breast and ovarian cancers, and weight loss. New moms may not know if there's enough breast milk production. When your precious babies cry, it often brings anxiety to new parents.


Our Ameda Elite Breast Pump can be rented short term to help moms acquire a sense of their milk production and transition into

Ameda Elite Breast Pump Benefits:

  • stimulate breast milk production

  • help with inverted nipples

  • when baby is still learning how to latch properly
    (it will come, it just take time sometimes)

  • when mom's nipples are sore
    (we can compound the All Purpose Nipple Cream that helps)

  • ease of mind for breast feeding mom

Breast milk can also be pumped and stored in the fridge for
feeding the new borns when moms are away.

For helpful tips for moms, visit Mother's Choice

Accessories available:
Nursing Pads
Nipple shield
Breast shells
Lansinoh cream
Breast milk storage bags