2021 Flu Shot

Getting Your Flu Shots Shouldn't be a Hassle

How has your flu shot experience been? Do you have to go through the long wait time?

Getting your flu shots shouldn't be a hassle.

Use our online booking system to book flu shots for you and your family.

Our 2021 Flu Shot Campaign starts on Oct 18th
Steveston Medicine Shoppe Richmond BC Flu Shot 2021

Are You Up to Date with Your
Routine Vaccines?

Flu shots are recommended for an update every year. 

Other than flu shots, there are other routine vaccines that require boosters.

Ask our pharmacists about updating your routine vaccines.

Routine Vaccine Schedule

Boost Your Immune System

Other than keeping up with your routine vaccines, having a strong immunity is the key for staying healthy during COVID-Flu season.

Check out our pharmacists recommended immune boosters:


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