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Our certified fitters will help you with sizes, fabric, color, and Insurance Billing

Compression FAQ's

How often should I replace my compression socks?

Compression socks lose its compression over time. The recommendation is to replace them every 6 months to 1 year. When they become easy to wear, it is time to replace them. 


Can you help me with claiming my compression stockings to my work insurance?

The claim has to be manually claimed by you. But to make it easy, We can help you put together all the information you need for your compression stockings claim. 

Do you have compression wears for sports?

Yes! We carry the CEP sports compression line from Germany. From compression arm, calf, quad sleeves, shirts, tights, short socks, knee high socks, to under shorts, we have the complete line up.

When is the best time to be fitted?

The best time to be fitted is in the morning. This is when potential swelling is at the minimal. We recommend you to have your fittings done as early during the day as possible.

Do I need to prepare anything before my fitting?

The fitting is done on your skin, so we recommend wearing clothes that we can have measurement done on your skin. If you're fitting for thigh high or pantyhose, we recommend wearing or bring in your shorts.

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Fitting session for compression socks by certified compression socks fitters.
Compression Socks Fittings
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