Compounding Done Right!

We'll do the work so you don't have to, your patients are OUR patients

Compounding is our Passion

Compounding isn't our specialty, its our passion. We work tirelessly to ensure the product we provide is fitted to meet our customer's needs, while maintaining overall quality and safety during consumption. Our compounding facilities allow us to produce high volumes of compounded medication while granting us the availability to ship the compounded medications all over. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Removes the hassle of sourcing ingredients

  • No ingredient wastage

  • Profit-sharing & Volume Discounts

  • Fast-Delivery & Responsiveness

  • Customizability for YOUR needs

We are motivated to help local BC pharmacies by relieving some of the operational strain compounding presents so that they can spend more time and effort towards the other areas of pharmacare.

What We Offer

Types of Compounds:

1. Disulfiram 

2. Phenazopyridine

3. BHRTs

4. Naltrexone

5. Pregnenolone

6. Thyroid 

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