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Customized Compounding Services

More treatment options are possible, thanks to the science of compounding. If you want to optimize your treatments, you need to find the dosages and dosage forms right for you. When the dosage forms that you need most are not available commercially, this is where we come in! 

What is a compounding pharmacy?
Our team technicians and pharmacists are specially trained in compounding techniques, using specialized equipments to ensure efficacy and accuracy of the compounds ordered by your


What dosage forms are available?
Usage of specific dosage forms depend on patient compliance,

type of response desired and medications involved.
For example, oral capsules, liquid, rectal and vaginal suppositories,
transdermal creams, sublingual lozenges. 

Top Compounds:
Low Dose Naltrexone Capsules

All Purpose Nipple Cream
Nystatin Capsules

Pregnenolone Capules
Minoxidil Sublingual Lozenges
DHEA Capsules
Progesterone Topical Cream
Bi-Est Topical Cream

Will my insurance cover compounded prescriptions?
Most insurance company will reimburse compounded prescriptions

just like regular prescriptions. We advise you to check your

insurance provider for eligible benefits. We can assist you with

the process. We can also submit the claim on your behave when

your plan allows.


(please attach a photo of your prescription with the email) 

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