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More treatment options are possible, thanks to the science of compounding. If you want to optimize your treatments, you need to find the dosages and dosage forms right for you. Often, the dosage forms that you need most are not available commercially. This is where we come in, providing custom compounding in order to get you the treatment your body needs for optimal healing.

Thanks to custom compounding, doctors will also have more treatment options for their patients than ever before. No condition is too severe when you have the right treatment!

What is a compounding pharmacy?
It’s the oldest type of pharmacy in the world. An
apothecary with a pharmacist trained in formulating
prescriptions and prepares them from
pure ingredients on the order of a physician.
A caring and competent pharmacist works closely with the
prescribing physician to create just the right dosage
form and strength for you, the patient.

What dosage forms are available?
Compounded dosage forms are numerous and variable in
Each method has its advantages for use. Usage of specific
dosage forms depend on patient compliance, type of
response desired and medications involved.
For example, oral capsules, liquid, vaginal suppositories,
transdermal creams, lozenges can be custom made for the
individual need.

What types of compounds can you make?
We can compound any regular prescriptions, dental, veterinary uses and bio-identical hormones. We can also flavor and creating new dosage forms to suit the client’s need, for example, we can make liquid or lozenges for patients with trouble swallowing.

Top Compounds:
Low Dose Naltrexone Capsules
Magnesium Glycinate Capsules
Nystatin Capsules
Ramipril Suspension
Amlodipine Suspension
DHEA Capsules
Progesterone Topical Cream
Bi-Est Topical Cream
All Purpose Nipple Cream

Will my insurance cover compounded prescriptions?
Most insurance company will reimburse compounded prescriptions just like regular prescriptions. We advise you to check your insurance provider for eligible benefits. For clients who has direct pay insurance, they may have to do manual claim to receive the reimbursement.

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